Miguel Curiel

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Miguel Curiel

Miguel Curiel

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I turn complex data into actionable insights that drive growth for individuals and businesses.

I’m a Social and Data Scientist who has spent the past 5 years leading analytics projects to help Fortune 500 companies and multinational corporations make informed decisions.

I use programming languages, statistical methods, and social science principles to make sense of the world, and I specialize in finding patterns within intricate data and building partnerships to boost business strategies.

What is macuriels for?

I built this website to display my past projects and share the valuable lessons I’ve learned along my journey. The website’s name is a playful nod to my full name.

Continue scrolling to view some of my blog posts and projects, and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • Social Media
  • Mental Health
  • International Relations
  • Neuroscience
  • Sociology
  • MSc in Data Analytics and Computational Social Science

    University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • BA in Psychology

    ITESO University, Mexico


Can the Sentiment From YouTube Comments Resemble Audience Ratings?
Downloading and analyzing YouTube comments to find out how they compare against movie ratings using Python.
International Sanctions Network
Visualizing the web of sanctions that countries have imposed on each other using Python and network analysis.
Predicting Depression Based on Musical Taste
Using Python to build machine learning models and predict depression based on music preferences.
Netflix Trend Analysis
An interactive dashboard built using R to analyze Netflix trends on Google and Twitter.
Is Social Media REALLY Bad for Mental Health?
A country-level analysis of time spent on social media and mental disorder prevalence using R and Tableau.